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Photography/Image Manipulation

2photoWe use bitmapped images and photographs in many ways within the document production process. They can be used to illustrate a document, provide the basis for line drawings and other artwork, or they may simply provide a visual record of the product as a reference for writers. Photographs can also be processed to provide textures or backgrounds, which can be used as part of other graphical elements.

However they are used, it is important that the source material they are produced from is of the highest quality. In addition to being sharp and well lit, photographs must be taken with the reproduction process that they are intended for in mind.

Images can be digitally processed in a number of different ways. At the simplest level, they can be cropped, resized or converted to a different format. We can also colorize, touch up, remove elements, and apply a range of special effects. Less glamorous, but extremely important in some cases, we can optimize images so that they will reproduce at the very best quality they are capable of.