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Illustration and graphic design

2drawWe live in a noisy world where almost everybody is clamouring for our attention.Your promotional materials,if they are to have any effect at all, must have a way of grabbing your reader’s interest and then keeping it for long enough to deliver your message.
Getting noticed in this way can be challenging, particularly because you may have only a split second opportunity to capture your reader’s curiosity.Another World3

Designers have many different ways of getting our attention. and one of the most effective is to use an eye-catching illustration. This works mainly because it is unusual and a good graphic will stand out clearly from the standard offerings from photo libraries.

Of course the drawing has to be relevant and it has to be a custom graphic that you have exclusive use of. There is nothing worse than discovering that your competitor is using the same clip art!wg5_0157

Illustrations can do much more than simply capture attention; the effective use of information graphics is one of the secrets producing really good documentation. Properly placed graphics can be the most effective way of conveying complex ideas, showing the relationships between things, or demonstrating the sequence of operations.

In addition, they provide visual relief from continuous blocks of text, and make any document much more approachable to the reader.I420m13ac

Our artists have a combination over 30 years of experience in producing artwork, technical drawings and illustrations. We can produce almost anything, from complex assembly diagrams shown here, through to simple graphical elements like the icons on these web pages.



Most of these graphics have been produced as part of the document production service that I provide. They were included in documents that were designed, written and laid out by myself or my team. But we also provide a custom artwork service for clients who want to create their own documents. We can provide illustrations in all of the common vector drawing formats (Corel Draw, Freehand, Illustrator, Flash, SVG, etc.), or convert them to the bitmap format of your choice.

If you would like to know more about any of this please get in touch with me.